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  • The video aims to contribute to the design and development of visually stunning, fit-for-purpose libraries that support 21st century learning in extended school settings. It shows the contribution an effective library can make to the educational, creative, emotional & reading development of children and young people, and the aspects of design that can enable this.
  • Funded by CILIP School Libraries Group and MLA (Museums Libraries and Archives Council), the DVD features Stephen Heppell, Les Watson (Education Adviser), students, Head Teachers and senior managers from diverse schools and settings. Each has a different viewpoint, but all are convinced of the role of the library to support learning and argue convincingly for the library to have a fair share of the footprint.

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  • (A collection of online resources has been collated from jurisdictions and professional networks both nationally and internationally. The online resource collection includes links to design plans, implementation strategies, technical specifications and photo libraries. (2009) A collection of additional related resources available through EdNA.

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